Registrant Inability to Attend

When scheduling classes for the Training Network, consideration must be given to account for the cost of the facility, resources, and the trainer’s time. In the event someone who has scheduled and paid to attend a class at the Community Choice Training Network is forced to cancel, they may be entitled to a refund of the fee if the cancellation is made at least 72 hours prior to the time the scheduled class is to commence.

If unable to cancel the registration prior to 72 hours before the scheduled class, there are 2 options:

  1. The registrant/agency may substitute another attendee in place of the person originally scheduled to attend, or

  2. The cancellation is received within 72 hours of the scheduled class start time then the fee will be forfeited. This window of time allows for efforts to be made toward filling the vacancy. 


Instructions for cancelling and requesting a refund are on Eventbrite, and if approved will be issued to the registrant by Eventbrite.


Inclement Weather Cancellation

  1. The Community Choice Training Center will follow the local school system’s determination of cancellation due to inclement weather.

  2. If inclement weather is forecast, the Training Center Manager will monitor the news for announcements of local school system cancellations.

  3. If the local school system in the same locale as the Training Center, or of where the Trainer is having to travel, announces cancellation of classes, the Manager will take action to make the announcement that Training Classes are cancelled on Facebook.

  4. Cancellation of classes will be posted on Facebook.

  5. This Policy will be posted on the Eventbrite page, and the Training Center Website, along with instruction for registrants to monitor the local school system’s announcements, and the Community Choice Facebook page.

  6. The cancelled classes will be rescheduled, and if any registrants/agencies are unable to reschedule or arrange a substitute, a refund will be approved.


Trainer Emergency Cancellation

  1. In the event the trainer for a scheduled class is unable to instruct (e.g., illness, accident, etc.) they are to immediately notify the Training Center Manager.

  2. The Manager will enlist the assistance of the On-Call Administrator and make every effort to contact the attendees via phone calls/emails/texts.

  3. A Facebook posting will be made announcing the unanticipated cancellation.

  4. The cancelled classes will be rescheduled, and if any registrants are unable to reschedule, a refund will be approved.

  5. If the class is rescheduled, any registrant/agency unable to accommodate the change or substitute another registrant will be approved for refund. The 72-hour refund policy applies.


Insufficient Registration Cancellation

The minimum number of registrants is required in order to justify a class. If the minimum number of registrants is not met, Community Choice Training Network may choose to cancel the class, and refund all the registration fees.